So let me introduce myself, my name is Kees Warmenhoven and I`m the owner of Automagic wich started officially in 1998 but before that hundreds of American cars had allready gone through my hands! I bought my first American car when i was only 17.. no driver's license but hey i needed to own my first Chevy Impala so there was no stopping me!! I started my first American Usa car club when i was 19 years old and we named ourselves the Outlaws!! Even then i owned sometimes 3 to 5 Usa cars at the same time.. buying and making them my own with personal touches, painting them and tuning them, selling and starting all over again! In these days i`ve learned the hard way and got the experience of what to buy and how to select.. do`s and don`ts and how different brands like GM, Ford, Mopar all have there own things to watch out for! At the end of the 80`s beginning of the 90`s i`ve organized dragracing for 3 years in the harbour district in Amsterdam.. when this was getting too big i decided to stop and go back to just buying and driving and selling my own US cars again!

For almost 20 years now Automagic in Lisse Has been buying, restoring, repairing and selling American classic cars and musle cars in all of Europe! What we do is try to select the best quality for your money.. that is the most important thing we do!!! It`s not difficult to select nice cars for top dollar but it is very rewarding to always watch out for the best value r that money can buy!!! We almost never buy at auctions.. Why?? Because you cannot drive them before you buy.. all our cars are privately bought and driven before securing them!! We want to make sure that the base.. Engine.. transmission.. rear axle are the steady base we can build on! We only select true Californian cars and other states that are known for there dry and good climate.. because we buy private we can make sure these are really true dry classics and not cars brought in from other states to be sold as original Californian cars!!! But this is just the first step of the whole process before we can get it to the new owner!!

After getting the cars over to the Netherlands (always container shipped and with the newest loading technologie),we can start making it ready for road use in Europe!! All our cars are gone through front to back, we make it technically ready from brakes to lightning.. steering, exhaustsystem and engine performance! All fluids are serviced front to back incl the diff!! We work with 3 mechanics and 4 painters wich all have there own specialties! All our guys are Usa car people who have a passion for there trade like we do and we all think the same.. it`s not just work.. it`s passion and it is in your blood as it should be!! All our cars can and will be delivered with Dutch registration and or TUV ready!

We are always open for cartalk even if you are not buying something.. 7 days a week!!! So if you think that 32 years of experience and passion has something to do with it you are always welcome to come and visit and maybe even have a testdrive.. who knows!

Enjoy the cars on the website and most of all lot`s of safe miles wherever you cruise around!!

Kind regards, Kees Warmenhoven (aka Mr Magic).


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